Workplace Flexibility  


We have worked with over 100 companies to implement workplace flexibility.  We are strong on how companies are rethinking their approach to a multigenerational workforce.  Ask us about our work-life consulting and training approach and how it can work for you. Long before recent events made it necessary, we piloted organisational change through adaptive models of flexible work arrangements. And complemented this with programmes in PMA, leadership coaching and mentoring, and employee training to anchor success.






Matching Career Aspirations

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Your current role, or running your own business can be your true vocation, and every day is a positive learning or fulfilling experience!  For many though, it’s not so straightforward. Often it’s not a corporate fit. Using our proprietary system, we help people, and businesses, make better choices. We can also certify in-house to help with recruitment, training, and HR.






Training and Consulting

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We have over 20 years of customised training and consulting experience, spanning several industries and across ASEAN and the UK. We specialise in Transformational Leadership, Corporate Mentoring, Performance Appraisal, Multigeneratinoal workforces, and of course workplace flexibility. We have run national benchmarking studies in the disability area, and introduced change management initiatives in several large corporations.

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