Work-Life Flexibility  


 We have worked with over 100  companies who have benefited from available work-life funding in  Singapore. Ask us about our  Work-Life consulting and training  approach and how it can work for  you.

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Career choices can be your true vocation, which means every day can be great.  Or even running your own business. For many it’s not so straightforward. Often it’s not a corporate fit. With our TrueCareer system we can help people, and businesses, make better choices. We also certify in-house to help with recruitment, training, and HR.

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If you’re a fast growing company requiring fast solutions and high-quality candidates in either the UK or ASEAN, we now offer a Search Service through twpsearch.com  



Training and Consulting

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We have a lot of training and consulting experience spanning several industries, and covering areas such as Transformational Leadership, Corporate Mentoring, Performance Appraisal, Ageing Workforces, and of course Work-Life.

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