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Workplace Flexibility




The way people work in the 21st century is dynamic – and it’s hard for employers to keep up.

Experiencing conflicting needs of a multi-generational workforce? It’s going to be the norm.

Your current benefits not flexible enough? If you want to hire millenial staff you’ll have to rethink your policies.

Wanting a more flexible work schedule or environment? FWAs are a good start to breaking down the walls of old school thinking


Employers everywhere are moving towards Flexible Working Arrangements (FWA) to accommodate the needs of skilled employees.

Research also shows that FWAs are equally important for all ages if anyone is juggling the demands of childcare, eldercare. Or, increasingly, both.

Developing workplace flexibility goes a long way to raise morale and boost productivity. We practiced it long before any funding was available!


As long established work-life consultants we’ve helped companies of all sizes successfully obtain work-life grants to introduce FWAs, and we’ve also developed in-company and public work-life training programmes

We only take on clients who we can ensure are compliant with the requirements of public grants if used, and that your FWAs are aligned to your business and employee needs.

With more than 30 years’ experience in organisation development, management training and career profiling with corporate clients in Singapore and the region, you’ll get a multi-skilled HR approach to each client’s work-life needs.

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WorkPro-Funded Programmes

Implementing Work-life Strategy in your Organisation


  • 80% Subsidy from WorkPro Fund.
  • Hundreds of Companies Trained.
  • Covers all essential points of introducing, implementing & tracking your work-life initiatives.
  • Super flexible training schedule – we do it when you need it.
  • We run the training with just one person
  • Training also delivered online in real time.
  • Free mini consulting advice session for each person trained .

Managing your Employees’ Work-life Needs

  • 80% Subsidy from WorkPro Fund.
  • Specifically designed for Managers and Supervisors.
  • We run both public & in-house workshops
  • Can be customised upon request or as part of consulting package.
  • Covers all aspects of managing FWAs over time, not just at implementation.
  • We’re Organisation Development Consultants, so you benefit from our experience.
  • Essential training for better management of FWAs.

Work-life Consulting and Training Package

  • 80% Subsidy from WorkPro Fund.
  • We have 100% success for funding approval & successful implementation.
  • Approved MOM Consultant & Training Provider – more than 13 years working with Work-life funding.
  • We have worked with SMEs of all sizes, public bodies and MNCs.
  • Our approach goes beyond implementation & tracking. We help you maintain a good Work-life strategy over time.
  • We use a holistic approach – encompassing all aspects of work-life, not just FWAs

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The WorkPro Fund (now extended into 2018)


An impressive funding scheme, covering different types of initiatives, including work-life and age management.


For work-life, the scheme offers up to S$160K for four years continuous effort in introducing and maintaining at least two types of flexible work arrangements.

UP TO S$40K during Year 1 – $20K for completing the initiative according to funding guidelines, and up to $20K of expenses to cover 80% consulting fees and training during the first year, as well as 50% of approved IT costs.

There has never been a better time in Singapore to introduce flexibility into your work, even to your benefits system.

If you’re a young company without legacy issues from past systems, build flexible work arrangements into your business right from the start!

Recent trends on Flexiplace / Telecommuting

Some Free Advice

Every month we get calls from companies about both the Age Management and Work-Life Grants, who have applied for either and are having problems with implementation or running out of time, with their original “consultant” nowhere to be found. We also find an increasingly worrying trend of non-approved consultants persuading companies to work with them, and taking part of their $20K grant as a fee, because the “consultant” is not entitled to be included in the application form for expenses.

MOM are the funding providers. The only administrators of the fund who are recognised by MOM are SNEF, with WDA, E2i, and NTUC also providing a supporting role. However, their role is only to receive applications and approve or decline based on specific guidelines, on which they can advise. BUT they are not work-life consultants, and as such cannot provide such specific advice.

If you decide not to engage a consultant, once the initiative starts you’re pretty much on your own. None of the above can give you specific advice. The mandatory training will be the only place to get free input from a work-life consultant until you complete your initiative.

Please check the list of approved work-life consultants before committing – all the Fund administrators can provide you with one. If you are working with someone who is not on that list, then it’s caveat emptor – buyer beware.

If you are paying a consultant to apply for the Age Management Fund you’re probably being ripped off. SNEF offers free assistance in how to complete the form.

Work-life is about increased flexibility, but too much flexibility is also not a good thing.

Don’t just do work-life for the money, do it for your staff. Their appreciation and motivation is something no money can buy.


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Work-Life June 12, 2014