We are Organisation Development Consulting and Training Specialists
We focus on all aspects of workplace performance, and particularly on the wide ranging benefits of work-life. We place a lot of emphasis on engaging and motivating employees in a realistic way.  Our scope of work ranges from organisation development practices and implementation, such a performance appraisal and corporate mentoring, as well as workplace flexibility and redesign, to leadership training (with teambuilding) and career development using psychometrics. We also work with genetic profiling for customised fitness and nutrition programmes. We’ve been around since the 1990s, and our corporate clients include Petronas, Brunei Investment Agency, Bank Negara Malaysia, ST tech subsidiaries, Komatsu, National University of Singapore, SMU, PT Telekoms (Indonesia), and Applied Materials. We are recognised by MOM and SNEF/NTUC as work-life consultants who can assist companies with the WorkPro Fund E-mail: info@worklifepros.com Phone: +65 65497408


  • The only Bass/Avolio certified Transformational Leadership Facilitator in the region, with over 600 Asian corporate leaders trained.
  • Developed Indonesia’s first National Assessment Centre.
  • Pioneered DDI programmes in ASEAN, still in use today.
  • Developed and implemented a 3-year corporate mentoring initiative in 5 geographical locations for a national MNC.
  • Managed the first large-scale research on employing disabled persons in Singapore.
  • Developed in-house psychomteric tools for corporate mentoring and global resilience for global operations in MNCs.
  • Career counselling certification programmes for academic institutions such as NUS, and corporate career planning initiatives for companies like Petronas.
  • Business Optimism research for SIM.
  • Developed Singapore’s first natural sunblock.
  • Academic research into ageing societies’ impact on corporate structures