Career Support

Our bespoke TrueCareer™ system helps individuals discover aspirations and motivations, and organisations to:

  • Find the right career fit

  • Uncover aspirations for growth or second careers

  • Pinpoint your leadership style, unique abilities, and skills to upgrade

  • Help leaders know their preferred relationship styles and teamwork models

  • Align top teams for maximum performance

  • A powerful self-discovery profiler built into our work-life and management development training programmes


TrueCareer™ is a smart, integrated tool, and user-friendly for people development, placement, and profiling. It has 40 years of use by top academia and multinationals worldwide, has high reliability, and works on a more accurate scale of preferences.

  • Taken by almost 12 million people worldwide

  • Available in 12 languages

  • Takes less than half an hour to complete.

  • Produces detailed reports in 24 hours.

  • Low cost in mass recruitment.

Some long-established regional clients: NUS and SUTD in Singapore, AIM in Manila, and Petronas in Malaysia.

If You are a Company

  • Use TrueCareer™  for internal promotion and selection

  • To reduce high turnover in jobs and for more accurate hiring.

  • With TrueCareer we determine the ideal profile for any specific job & provide you with a template for easy candidate assessment.

  • Teambuilding: We profile your top teams to gauge the best fit and improve team results

  • TrueCareer Train the Trainer cuts down your HR cost in hiring and retention

  • TrueCareer Training three-step approach:

    • Step 1 – We profile your staff to determine the kind of training they need for job competency
    • Step 2 – We customise soft skills training programmes at individual or team level to improve skill sets
    • Step 3 – We track progress over 6 months to gauge areas of improvement and for follow through