Before business there are people. And after business there are people .

One Stop Capability in Strategic HR Consulting and Training

More than 30 years experience in strategic HR consultancy and training

Competency framework review, incorporating customised Performance Management and Appraisal workshops for corporate clients.

We created the first Assessment Centre in Indonesia

Transformational Leadership and Corporate Mentoring roll out in five states (Malaysia)

Strategic HR review of new competencies and KPIs for key public organisations (Brunei).


Long History in Management Development Training

Over 25 years running public and in-company employee training programmes.

Unique capability for – 

Transformational Leadership (TWP has the only certified TL Master Trainer in the highly validated 360° MLQ)

TrueCareer certification of career advisors for academia (NUS, SUTD, AIM, SMU) and multinationals such as Petronas Leadership Centre. for this reason we are well positioned to help organisations in effective selection, succession planning and external recruitment.

Current Key TWP Programmes

  • Work-life consulting and training
  • Fitness and Nutrition A Lifestyle Choice of Healthy Employees
  • Career Counselling, Certification under TrueCareer Programme
  • Assessment Centres
  • Transformational Leadership & Team Building
  • Corporate Mentoring
  • Performance Management and Appraisal, Competency Framework and KPIs
  • Social Research on Disability and Ageing societies

We are working at the forefront of ageing society research and using DNA profiling in nutrition and fitness, and welcome collaborations in these areas