Career Guidance 

TrueCareer™ is a systematic approach to helping you:

• Find the career that’s right for you
• Move into a second career
• Work better in teams
• Know accurately what skills to upgrade
• Objectively know yourself better

You decide what your needs are, either as an individual or a corporate client, and TrueCareer™ can assist you to achieve them.

TrueCareer™ is not a magic formula. It’s simply a smart, integrated approach to people development, placement, and profiling.

Our profiling system has over 40 years of use, high levels of reliability and works on a sliding scale of preferences instead of the typical polarity of behaviour patterns (like you see in MBTI ir DISC). It has been taken by almost ten million people worldwide.
It’s available in 12 languages
Takes less than half an hour to complete
reports are produced within 24 hours.

Our clients include NUS and SUTD in Singapore, AIM in Manila, and Petronas in Malaysia.
We’ve also incorporated our system into in-house work-life training programmes


If You are a Company

  • External / Internal Recruitment: Use TrueCareer™ either as first cut or for internal promotion.

  • High turnover jobs / major hiring drive: With TrueCareer we can determine the ideal profile for any specific job & provide you with a template for easy candidate assessment..

  • Teambuilding: We can profile your top teams to gauge best fit and where conflicts can arise.

  • TrueCareer Train the Trainer. We can train your staff to apply and process the profiling, which cuts down your HR cost in the long term.

  • TrueCareer Training Tool Box. This three-step process is customised for your needs.

    • Step 1 – We profile your staff to determine the kind of training they need to be more competent in their job.
    • Step 2 – We customise soft skills training programmes to suit your staff needs.
    • Step 3 – We track your staff progress over 6 months to gauge areas of improvement