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Workplace Flexibility

Post 2020 – hybrid workplaces have become the norm. Employees expect you to be attuned to the complexities of managing a multi-generational workforce while offering benefits tailor-made to fit each person

So have you:

A clear strategy to align the conflicting needs of a multi-generational workforce?

A benefits scheme to retain and attract all, from Boomers to Zeds? 

Workplace flexibility design that addresses productivity issues?

Research shows that FWAs are equally important for all ages if anyone is faced with of childcare, eldercare, or increasingly both.

Developing workplace flexibility goes a long way to raise morale and boost productivity. 

As long-established work-life consultants, we’ve helped companies of all sizes successfully introduce FWAs, with follow-through in-company training programmes to ensure real buy-in at all levels.

We focus on flexibility that’s aligned with your business and employee needs.

With more than 30 years’ experience in organisation development, management training, and career profiling with corporate clients in Singapore and the region, you’ll get a multi-skilled HR strategy to each organisation’s specific workplace flexibility needs.



Smart Tip

Workplace flexibility is about increased flexibility, but too much flexibility is also not a good thing.

It’s a good idea to personally assess people beforehand for key performance indicators before they’re given more hybrid or remote roles.


Work-Life June 12, 2014